Privacy Policy

We at Great Basket understand the concerns over sharing the personal information online and understand the importance of privacy. We are therefore committed to maintain the privacy of your information and abide by all the terms of the privacy policy as listed here.

This privacy policy is subject to change whenever found necessary by the company, customers are requested to go through the policy from time to time. It is understood that the customers making purchases through our website have read and understood the policies and have given their consent.

1) Sharing of your Personal Information on our website

We give you the option to visit our website as an anonymous, however, while making purchases we do require your basic details which includes but not limited to Full Name, Sex, Age, Location, Address, email address, phone number and credit or debit card details of payments. While you share the information with us, we ensure this information is not shared with any other website, service provider, third party vendors and any other person or business which falls outside our business preview. However, at the time of making payment you are requested to use only secure connections and use adequate virus and other protection in your mobile/computer or any applicable device used for the transaction.

While our certain features are only available through the use of a “cookie”, enabling cookie on or off is your choice. We use “cookies” on certain pages of the Website for our internal analysis based on your choices and preferences while shopping online.

2) Sharing of personal information

We may share your personal information with our own other legal entities, however you have an option to opt out at any point of time. In future if we merge or collaborate or any other entity takes over our business, your personal information will be transferred to them as per our database. However, as and when required prior intimation shall be given to the general public and an option to opt out shall be applicable.
3)Use of Your Information

The information you share may be utilized for our internal research to identify your personal choices, your demographic preferences, etc. and may be used for sharing future offers based on the products and services of your choice. While next time when you come to our site, we may recommend you certain products & services based on your last shopping history or your search history. However, the same is part of our internal research and assessment of customer’s behavior pattern and past purchase analysis. The information you share is complete private within our internal database and we undertake to avoid any misuse.

4) Security Precautions

We care about your secured information and at the time of choosing the payment gateway, we request you to use secure connection as a stringent security measure. We on website, we have abided to use to the secure server and follow strict guidelines.

5) Re- directing to other websites

If so happens that the time of purchase or at the time you click on a certain third party advertisement you are re-directed to third party websites, prior intimation shall be given and the risk of re-directing shall be in your hands. We do not take any responsibility if you share your personal information on other website after re-directing or so.

6) Unsubscribe from Promotional offers

The option of unsubscribing from our promotional offers/newsletters and other email is always active. You may opt out/unsubscribe anytime if you do now wish to receive any of them.

7) Third Party Advertisements

We may allow third party advertisers to advertise on our website. We may or may not share your personal information with them.

8) Customer Consent

By agreeing to proceed for purchase/payment you are providing your consent for using and storing the personal information for our website and it is understood that all terms and conditions of this policy are duly understood by you.

9) Grievance Officer

In accordance with Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided

10) Jurisdiction
All the terms and conditions and disputes if any is arises after visiting/shopping/purchases through our website, the same shall fall within Indian Laws.